AMSA Projects – EBL Extension (Sheet Piles) – 2020

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ArcelorMittal Projects South Africa


August – October 2020

Contract Type:

Lump Sum


Cape Town Workshops

Project Description

SA Five Engineering was awarded a contract by AMSA Projects to fabricate the Sheet Piles for a new Multipurpose Dock in Palma – the hub of the developing Mozambique LNG plant facility. Vast natural gas discoveries 40 kilometres (in waters some 1,600 metres deep) off this coastal town in Mozambique has led to multi-billion Rand investments by international consortiums to receive, pre-treat and liquefy the natural gas. Following multiple processes; the clear, colourless and non-toxic LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is ready for storage (at -160ᵒ C) and onward transport to meet the world’s increasing demand for sustainable, reliable and cleaner energy sources.

In the context of SA Five’s Scope of Work, we successfully delivered, within the aggressive project schedule, the fabricated double-sheet piles which will be used by AMSA’s Client (Stefanutti Stocks) to shore the waters to facilitate the harbour development.

Scope of Work

The project fabrication statistics (workshops only) are eye-opening within the set time-frame : –

  • The fabrication of 368no. Front, Anchor and Return Wall double-sheet piles, all within the specified tolerances.
  • 40no. truck deliveries of 11.8m free-issued and profiled (AU20 and AU25) steel sheets were received (>850 sheets).
  • This is more than 1,000,000 kg (>1,000 Ton) of material received and safely off-loaded / handled.
  • Loading out was via abnormal load road freight (50no. trucks) – either direct to cross-border destination, or onward to the Port of Cape Town for sea freight.
  • Almost 5 linear kilometres of discontinuous fillet, together with almost a ½ km of full penetration butt welding were completed, all subject to stringent NDE (MT, UT and RT), including full weld traceability.
  • More than 25,000 direct man hours were worked – working 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week over almost 6 weeks (using rotational shifts) to achieve the demanding schedule, without injury.

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