AMSA: Saldanha Works


July – September 2016



Project Description / Scope of Work:

The objective of the AMSA : Saldanha Corex Campaign Extension [75-day long shut-down] is to extend the production campaign of the Corex furnace by an additional 3 years. Our Scope of Works was to execute the Mechanical aspects of the melter-gasifier in order to perform the campaign extension as well as to prepare the furnace for the restart, including:-

  • Design, Fabrication, Installation and Operation of the platform pole and winch / hoist / brace / frame / access assemblies; together with the dome, moveable and safety platforms.
  • Removal, repair and reinstatement of the Tap-hole B Shell plate.
  • Removal of the existing, and the Installation of new Tuyere belt staves; together with associated stave roller table, gas seal plates, washers, compensators and inter-connection piping.
  • Installation of stave row anchors from the moveable platform.
  • Fabrication and installation of hearth Heat-up piping.