ArcelorMittal in Saldanha

Scope of Work:

  • Design and Fabrication of Platform for replacement of refractory.
  • The preparation of the Melter Gasifier shell and the installation of 64 copper staves and one cast iron stave.
  • The cutting out and re-welding of the tap nozzles.
  • The installation of the main tap runners and the level detectors.
  • The modification of the DRI feeder steelwork and installation of new system.
  • Manufacture and installation of heat-up piping

Other projects that ran concurrent to this was the Laminar Cooling Piping.

Weight of Platforms

Column 6.4 dwt
Dome (Top) Platform 6.1 dwt
Working Platform 4.3 dwt
Safety Platform 3.0 dwt.


Drilling of Staves
Hole tolerance allowable = – 0 + 3mm