Chevron SA, Cape Town Refinery


July 2013 to April 2015

Facilities / Scope of Work:

To deliver two complete semi-independent flare systems, namely the high and low-pressure flare systems.

Project Description:

The Low Pressure (LP) Flare System

  • Installing a new multipoint ground flare (MPGF) including associated piping and valves, burners, radiation fence plus flare header with drum and pumps.
  • Installation of a new knock-out pot and fuel gas system before the HP Flare Callidus battery limit including associated piping.

The Low Pressure (LP) Flare System

  • Installing a new 100 m high elevated flare stack including associated piping, flare tip and pilots, guy wires, utility piping system, Aircraft Warning light retractable system, and mechanical dressing.
  • Construction of a new 42” LP flare header system into plants 60, 53 and 2 of  the Refinery from the main header plus drums and pumps
  • Construction of a new Acid Gas Line to the newly elevated flare