PetroSA “Sable” Field, SA

Scope of Work:

Project and Managed based upon Bluewater’s project engineering details and general arrangement drawing, we were contracted to provide fabrication engineering, bulk procurement, fabrication, installation, testing & Commissioning, to Lloyds standards, of:

  • Gas Compression Modules (LP, MP, HP)
  • Process Separation Module
  • Gas Turbine Generator
  • Water Cooling System
  • Flare Structure
  • New Stabiliser Platform, including erection and alignment of stabiliser vessel
  • Refurbishment of all Sea Water Pumps and the Fresh Water Cooling System
  • Various modifications to existing Topside Facilities of the FPSO, including decks, pipe racks platforms, stairs, walkways, ladders, handrails and support structures

 Project Description:

  • Fabrication engineering and procurement of over 1000 tons of local and imported steel, using 355EMZ and 355EM material specification
  • Prefabrication in workshop or on site of frame works, decks, fire and blast wall, flare, racks, either in one complete or sub assemblies
  • Quality control of all welded structures
  • Full painting system to offshore specification m2
  • All work conducted under AWS Structural Welding Code
  • Installation of all Mechanical Equipment (over 1500 Tons total)
  • Completed all vendor carry-over work on Gas Compressors (LP, MP & HP)
  • Design, build, installation and commissioning of the Air Handling Unit and Air Compressors (Air Options)
  • Alignment of all deluge, process and turbine pumps