February 2018 to June 2018.

Facilities / Scope of Work:

Fabrication of piping, structures and supports and the installation of piping, structures, equipment and supports on the two 7 Mega Litre seawater desalination plants.

The scope included the installation of SWRO plants, media filters, pumps, screens, HDPE and stainless steel piping. A total of 2100 m of HDPE pipes containing 4100 welds were installed.  19 Tons of steel structures and supports were manufactured and installed.

Project Description

SA Five was the Mechanical Contractor on the two projects. The two plants were designed by Proxa on request of the Cape Town Municipality. The purpose of the plants was to alleviate the effects of the extreme drought in the Western Cape.  The plants use sea water from False Bay and desalinate it using 5 reverse osmosis containerised plants. The water is then pumped into the drinking water supply systems of Cape Town.

Due to the drought, a high level focus was put on the project and the timeline set extremely short.  SA Five were able to complete the project within the time requirements as well as within the stringent safety, environmental and quality objectives as set out by Proxa.