“A” Berth & Blackheath

Project Scope

The supply of 12 Pulling Heads constructed of various sized pipe including top mounted valve assemblies and small bore piping.

The supply of Subsea structures constructed for the Okono and Okpono oilfields. Consisting of 2 Sub Sea Isolation Valve Stations (SSIV) with facilities to accommodate the pulling heads fabricated, as well as the installation of two ROV docking stations, Pile facilities and Piles.

Project Description – Pulling Heads:

The Fabrication Engineering, Procurement and Erection of 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 36″ and 40″ diameter pulling heads with 2″ and 3″ top mounted piping and valve assemblies. Constructed from carbon steel Pipe at maximum schedules, 60mm Plate formed to specification and various sized profiled flanges. The pulling heads were constructed to perform various functions i.e. Start up, Termination, Contingency, Abandon and Recovery. These were containerised and shipped to Nigeria.

Project Description – SSIV Stations:

The Fabrication Engineering, Procurement and Erection of 2 SSIV’s with side support for Pig Trap mounting. Constructed from 26″ and 12″ carbon steel Pipe for the super structure and 8″ pipe plus plating for the support and bracing. The Fabrication of the docking stations, Pile location guides and facilities for actuated ball valves as well as the installation of all electrical earthing connections. The fabrication of 8 No 22″ x 13m long Piles for securing the SSIV’s to the seabed. The completed units were shipped via barge vessel to Nigeria.