Samicor Mining Corporation


A” Berth & Blackheath

Scope of Work:

Structural, mechanical and piping re-installation work required to convert an existing vessel, the Sakawe Explorer to a drilling sampling vessel.

Project Description:

The overall scope of work consisted of the following:

  • Fabrication of new plate & steelwork for the ‘A’ Frame Drill Tower Legs, a pair of sliding moon pool doors, winch supports, helideck supports etc.
  • Modifications to the existing ‘A’ Frame and Helideck Structures.
  • Installation of new & modified equipment and plant modules onto the vessel and supply, installation and modification of interconnecting pipework, platework, and steelwork associated with the above.
  • Installation of air compressors, air piping, installation of a sea chest, intake manifold, strainers and valves, seawater and fire fighting pumps, cooling and process water pumps and piping.
  • Re-assemble and install 90-ton Wirth tool on the vessel.
  • Supply & install steelwork bases for specified hydraulic equipment and rig major components into position.