Site Offices and Stores

Scope of Work:

SA Five was commissioned by HMG – JV to dismantle four of the Ship to Shore (STS) cranes and remove to designated lay-down areas.

Project Description:

SA Five was responsible for the removal of Demag & Noel Cranes from Berths 603 and 604 on Quay 600.

Each crane weighed between 660 – 750 tons. They were dismantled in large sections utilizing both a 550 Ton Crane and a 275 Ton Crane. The heaviest lifts were 95 tons for the Motor House and the Waterside Boom (at 35m Radius and 95m under the hook). The larger sections were then cut up into manageable sections before being transported to the lay-down area about 2km from the site.

Included in SA Five’s scope were all Rigging Studies, Safe Work Procedures, Method Statements and Risk Assessments associated with the works. We are proud of the fact that the works was completed ahead of schedule and without any safety incidents.