Voith Hydro GmbH / Eskom


January 2012 – May 2016


Near Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal / Free State border

Project Description:

A project initiated, sponsored and for the use of Eskom, this is Africa’s newest and largest Pumped Water Storage Scheme. Generating a total of 1,332 MW to the South African national electricity supply grid, this ‘peaker’ facility is of National strategic importance to the country.

This station forms part of Eskom’s capacity expansion programme, along with the Kusile and Medupi coal-fired power stations. Ingula went into commercial operation in March 2016, with the final unit synchronised to the grid in August 2016. The four units are located 350m underground in the world’s largest machine hall in mud-rock.

The scope of Work:

The execution of the Mechanical Installation works for the plant is split into two phases – Lot A and Lot D – for each of the 4no. 333 MW electricity generating units.

Lot A – Comprises the full Turbine and Generator assembly and installation works in the power/machine hall. The turbine works include the piping, draft tube, stay ring/spiral case, main inlet valve, wicket gates, runner, turbine shaft and headcover together with the Generator parts – including the piping, lower bracket, generator shaft, bus duct, stator and rotor installations; together with comprehensive commissioning assistance works.

Lot D – Comprises the piping for the Common and Unit Cooling water systems, Drainage and Dewatering water system, Oil interception and Oil treatment/handling systems, Fire Protection / Detection / Recharge and Air systems. Mechanical works included the installation of the Platforms for the smoke extraction shaft and Power House lifting devices; together with the air handling / fresh air units, chillers, dampers and ducting for the HVAC systems.